Planning for retirement

An accountant by trade, Mike knew the value of seeking the help of a financial professional when it came to planning for his eventual retirement. Here’s his story.

I decided to go into accountancy when I left school and then I looked to where I could get that best experience. I suddenly found myself in a situation where my income stream had jumped fairly significantly because the company operated a bonus scheme.

I could buy an expensive car and I could live in a bigger house. What you should do is prepare for the future and consider what income you might wish to look towards when you went into retirement.

The benefit of going to a company like Four Seasons is that they give you the opportunity to reflect, in a way that you perhaps hadn’t thought of before.

The advantage you got with a company like Four Seasons was to help you think more deeply about that particular aspect of your life, even though it might be 20+ years away.

The biggest benefit is that you’ve got somebody who’s looking after you. I think that is absolutely critical. They can help you formulate your own decisions but giving you that guiding light that you need to say, ‘actually, I did make the right decision and I’m in the right place; where I need to be.’

Four Seasons are totally professional in what they do. They know what they’re doing. They’re very considered in the information that they supply to you. They do take into account your particular needs, and therefore they will incorporate a unique solution for each individual that they’re dealing with. You can’t get better than that.

I would recommend Four Seasons to anybody who’s in a position to have that need.