Our investment philosophy

When making investment recommendations, we are guided by our five key principles.

Setting up your portfolio is just the first step

We aim to monitor not only your investments but regularly review and update your goals and objectives. We will also continue to review your attitude to risk, ensuring that any investments you have remain consistent. We know that ongoing advice, monitoring and reviews are key to investment success. We will:

1. We identify your goals first

We’ll then create a plan to achieve these needs. The objective of the investment portfolio is to execute the plan. We help our clients to use their money to accumulate life, not just wealth.

2. We use the best research facilities

Our research partner is Ned Davis Research (NDR). Their motto is “See the signals. Avoid mistakes.” We don’t believe that anyone can accurately predict the future, as far as investment returns are concerned. However, NDR is a highly respected global leader of independent investment research; they help us to take a view based on their insights, tools and solutions. This type of research is more commonly utilised by institutional investors, and large wealth management firms.

3. We keep costs to a minimum

We always try to use lower-cost investments first. We tend to prefer “passive” investments, and only use “active” alternatives for specialist areas. Ensuring costs are kept to a minimum should mean our clients keep a greater proportion of any investment returns that are generated.

4. We take away the worry and hassle

We complete paperwork, liaise with professionals, and help you in any other way needed. This leaves you free to focus on life, safe in the knowledge that your money is working as efficiently as possible.

5. We minimise tax

Not only do high costs impact returns, but tax also plays a big part. We’ll analyse your circumstances and objectives, then recommend what we believe to be the most tax-efficient way to hold your investments.

We know that ongoing advice, monitoring and reviews are key to investment success. We will:

1. Understand

We take the time to get to know you; you'll notice straight away that we'll talk about you, not your money. Our first meeting is all about helping you decide what you want from life, even if you don't know yourself to begin with. What do you want to achieve? By when? What kind of income or capital will you need? How important is inflation? What have you got already and how does this fit into your plan?

2. Identify

We will identify your risk preferences and tolerances. These will feed through into our investment recommendations.

3. Test

We will use clever software to test how likely you are to achieve your goals for a stated level of risk. We also use a probability score, which is based on historical returns over the last one hundred years. We constantly review this on an ongoing basis.

4. Research

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that getting the asset allocation of your investments right is the key driver behind performance. We make sure we get this right; we will recommend a portfolio that we believe gives you the best chance of achieving your objectives, consistent with your attitude to risk.

5. Implement

We will make sure all the processing and paperwork is completed as efficiently as possible, ensuring all investment instructions are clearly and accurately represented and implemented.

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Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Ray Martin, Kingston-upon-Thames

We’re highly rated

We retain a 5-star rating on VouchedFor, an independent service that enables clients to review their professional advisers. VouchedFor verifies the reviews and testimonials we receive, so you can be confident that they are authentic. 2018, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23 Top Rated Adviser, as listed in The Times

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Our former financial adviser was retiring and recommended Ray to us. He alleviated the constant worry of where to best invest our savings without too much risk. We’re very pleased with the results over the last 10 years. He explains things in layman's language, which we appreciate, and gives us the confidence we have made the right choices. What more can people expect?


We had pension policies and investments that needed sorting out ready for retirement. We didn't know what to expect from a financial adviser. We assumed that he would simply advise us where to get the best deals. How wrong we were. Ray took us right back to basics. He made us carefully consider what we really wanted to achieve. He has allowed us to start to really enjoy our retirement.


I needed financial advice about pensions and investments as I approached retirement. My wife was in the same position. Ray Martin worked out a comprehensive plan for putting my pension provision and savings into proper order. He did the same for my wife. He has continued to provide us with advice ever since. Ray is always straightforward, open and proactive.


I was approaching retirement and wanting to look into limiting taxation and Inheritance Tax, as well as providing for my wife. Ray provided sound advice to switch from my current arrangement to a Drawdown Pension and ISA investments. I have now retired and have started seeing the benefits of his advice. The returns on my portfolio have increased beyond expectation. Ray performed extremely well.


I had sold my house and didn't know how to invest the money. Ray invested very wisely and there has been about a 5% increase every year. He listened to our queries, gave answers that we fully understood and followed any requests. He always had time for us, and never rushed us. We would have been financially at a loss without his help.


Ray has been advising my wife and me for about 20 years. He is everything one could hope for in a financial adviser: wonderfully enthusiastic, extremely well informed, completely trustworthy and scrupulously observant of the regulatory requirements. He is able to explain complex matters very clearly, and so far, his advice has always been first class.


I had money to invest and had no idea how to go about investing it and hopefully making a gain. I have three children and wanted advice about inheritance planning. Ray is very patient, very clear when he explains things, he is very interested in me as a person, totally trustworthy and is an excellent listener. We have never been disappointed! He`s been brilliant.


I had just been widowed. Ray sorted out and simplified what was a very complex set of investments into a much less confusing portfolio. I have been extremely happy with everything Ray has advised over the last 12 years. Whilst moving with the times, he has dealt with all aspects of my investments wisely and given me all the guidance and help I have needed.


As the financial director of a company, I was seeking to get advice on how to plan and invest for retirement. Without a doubt, Ray Martin helped me understand and plan how to fund my retirement. Ray has been with me every step of the way. His advice has been invaluable. I retired and achieved my annual income goal. His continued advice is helping me in the next stage of my life.


I needed some advice regarding my late mother’s estate. I had also retired and required advice on how to manage my private pension. Ray was extremely helpful, and his advice was very clear and easy to understand. I came away from our initial meeting feeling very relieved and less stressed. We have just had our first yearly review and I was surprised how well my investments had done.


In the last 10 years, my circumstances have changed with the passage of time. Ray has guided me on how to protect and make my money grow. He listens carefully to my needs and gives clear, concise advice in a professional manner. He and his team are always accessible and patient with my questions and their approach gives me confidence that my finances are securely looked after.


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