Peace of mind in retirement

After being introduced to Four Seasons 20 years ago, Oliver and Rosie have found the financial peace of mind they needed to enjoy retirement to the full. Here’s their story.

Oliver: “As a schoolmaster to start with, I then went to the bar. Amazingly, when I was 40 or 45, we actually had some money to save. That was what caused us to go off and meet Ray. He’s been helping us ever since.”

Rosie: “I work as a psychotherapist, both privately and for the National Health Service. We were introduced to Four Seasons about 20 years ago, having met Ray in another context about 10 years previous to that. To begin with, we had no money at all, and now Ray says we’re absolutely fine and can go on cruises!

I think he’s one of the most trustworthy people I’ve ever met. He can make extremely complicated financial graphs appear relatively simple. He’s very reassuring and he’s very realistic.

Oliver: “Neither of us can stand looking at financial reports and seeing how our stocks and shares are doing. When we hear that the market has gone pear-shaped, we think to ourselves, ‘everything’s under control. Ray is looking at it. We needn’t even look at the numbers.’ And in due course, he comes cheerily along to report and usually it’s good news.

The complexity of some of the things that Ray deals with… the time one would have to spend to even half-master it… it’s too unthinkable isn’t it?”

Rosie: “Yes. One of the benefits of having Ray is that he’s always telling us ‘Spend! Spend more!’. Which is a rather nice thing to hear.

What would I feel if I didn’t have Ray in our corner? Up shit creek without a paddle. We would not have a clue. I would rely on my husband, who might have a slightly better clue than me, but not much.”

Oliver: “Yes I must say, that would be a very ill-advised thing to do.

The most important thing is we feel we can relax. There are some utter financial minefields. The delight of having Ray there saying, ‘this is how it works, and these are the pros and cons of that and the pros and cons of this, and that’s your decision.’ The alternative would be to work it out for one’s self which, as I was saying, would be completely impossible.

Would we recommend Ray? The short answer to that question is, we have on many occasions. We recommend him because, since he’s given us such a fabulous service, we assume he will do the same for them. Indeed, all the feedback is that he’s done just that.